The Lion Park

The Lion Park is home to more than 85 Lions including Rare White Lions, and many other carnivores such as Cheetah, Wild dog, Hyenas and a variety of Antelope indigenous to Africa.

The Lion Park was first established in November 1966 by the world famous Chipperfields Circus. It is conveniently situated in the middle of the Gauteng-Tshwane complex and the climate is typical of the Highveld and thus ideal for indigenous Highveld fauna. Hence, most of the indigenous animals that are seen at the Lion Park are quite at home.
The Lion Park is neither a game reserve nor a zoo. It has been split into two areas – one area for the herbivores such as zebra, giraffe, and various plains antelope and other grass-eating animals, and the other area for the carnivores. The herbivores roam freely around the area and visitors are able to view the animals at close proximity at any time.

The carnivore camps, which currently house three prides of lions and a clan of hyena, are protected by barriers and fences to prevent the different prides from attacking one another.
By nature, lions are protective of their territory and can become fierce and aggressive if other lions or prides enter their domain. The camps are therefore divided by two fences – each about three metres high and a few metres apart – and they conform to Gauteng Nature Conservation specifications.
Most of the lions at the Park are the progeny of lions that were originally from Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Northern Gauteng and Botswana. To avoid inbreeding, however, the Lion Park introduces new lions from other areas. The lions here have prospered and multiplied and all live in comfortable conditions.

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